Noodle Arm Disc Golf’s March Mold Mania!

It’s that time of year again.

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and my knowledge of college basketball still remains at an all-time low. But, year in and year out, I pick a March Madness bracket anyway, because apparently I don’t like money.

Honestly, though, March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year, because it brings back memories of getting the gang together for a couple days of basketball and debauchery that is rivaled by few other sporting events. Beyond trying to actually cash in with a decent bracket showing, the trash talking, buzzer beaters and more trash talking make the investment worth the loss.

But as I’ve grown older and found less free time on my hands, watching NCAA hoops throughout the season hasn’t exactly been priority number one in life, so my bracket usually becomes a crap shoot. For the past couple seasons, I’ve chosen winners based on the whims of a toddler, who generally chooses the color of the team she likes better or which mascot is cuter.

(It’s not a bad strategy, actually.)

And as I thought about filling out my bracket via emoji this season as a way to really throw caution to the wind, I had a revelation: I know a lot more about Frisbees than I do about college basketball.

With that in mind, I introduce the Noodle Arm Disc Golf March Mold Mania event.

Pitting 64 discs from top manufacturers out of four “regions” – Warp Speed Drivers, Control/Fairway Drivers, Midranges, and Putters – the March Mold Mania event will be the ultimate determination of the best disc in the land.

Or, it’ll be a popularity contest. Either way, it should be fun.

(Full disclosure: I’ve seen similar takes on this before – there was a good thread on last year around this time, and top disc manufacturer Discraft is currently running a bracket for all of its own molds – but I thought putting this together for Noodle Arm Disc Golf readers would be a fun way to interact and do something different.)

So, I’d love for everyone to vote on the matchups below. The elimination period for each round will mirror the rounds of the NCAA tournament, so this first set will run through Friday. We’ll knock it down to the Sweet 16 by Monday, and so on, until we reach the Final Four on the weekend of April 4.

Pro tip: Be sure to press “VOTE” on every matchup. I was testing this out earlier, got into it, and realized I wasn’t voting by just scrolling down the page. Derp.

Once we get to the Final Four molds, I’ll be running a prediction contest, with the winner receiving one of the four discs that make it from each region.

So, have at it, and feel free to leave some predictions in the comments below. Who is a deep sleeper out of the putter region? Will a No. 11 seed midrange triumph over a No. 6? Can any disc take down the Teebird?

We’ll find out soon enough. Let the mania begin!


Round 1

Warp Speed Driver Bracket

Warp Speed Bracket

Round 1

Control/Fairway Driver Bracket

Control FW Bracket

Round 1

Midrange Bracket

Mid bracket


Round 1

Putter Bracket

putter bracket




11 Responses to “Noodle Arm Disc Golf’s March Mold Mania!”

  1. Brian Kozma

    Two things I see wrong with this.

    1. The Discmania PD is a distance driver, not a fairway driver.

    2. How can the Lat 64 River be left out of this?? It’s by far one the most popular fairway drivers!

  2. william gibson

    not enough westside discs. how can you not have the lat 64 dagger, or any of the westside swans. i stopped voting halfway, you have not enough trilogy. millenium and legacy are weak.

  3. Joe Kelly

    great poll but road runner is by far the best control driver just saying meep meep

  4. Ben

    The lack of Prodigy discs in the mix is confusing. They have one of the larger market shares and a lot of the worlds top 10 ranked players. Not a single Prodigy midrange? …there are 5 Discraft midranges listed (6 if you include the DGA disc which Discraft molds) but not a single Prodigy midrange.

  5. Joe

    Hard to believe that Vibram discs are getting very little love. I’m not saying they are better or worse than the discs they are up against, but they are good discs. It’s obvious that most people have never tried a Vibram disc.

  6. March Mold Mania – Disc Golf’s Answer to March Madness | Disc Golf Underground

    […] Apparently I am not the only disc golfer around with limited NCAA knowledge that still enjoys making a bracket though. I stumbled across a post from DGCR’s onemilemore that links to the March Mold Mania tournament challenge. Essentially, this bracket challenge puts some of disc golf’s favorite discs against each other in an effort to determine a disc golf disc champion. If you would like to participate in the voting, the post can be found at Noodle Arm Disc Golf’s page. […]

  7. Connor "Sweets" Larson

    Enough with the hate. I thought this was a good poll with a great variety of discs. Fun and entertaining to see other peoples’ opinions.


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