• image001

    Status Update: Injured

    When I started Noodle Arm Disc Golf, one of the reasons I cited for people not being able to throw far was injury. So, I find it relatively ironic that my noodliness (it’s a…

  • MarchMoldMania Champs Cover

    March Mold Mania Championships: Deja vu

    If there is one thing that March Mold Mania has taught me over the last couple years, it’s this: People like what they like, and that’s not often going to change. That…

  • MarchMoldMania Final Four Cover

    March Mold Mania Final Four: Brand-on-brand crime

    After two weeks of fast and furious Frisbee voting, we’re nearing the climax of Noodle Arm Disc Golf’s March Mold Mania powered by Infinite Discs. And with only four…


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