Rapid Review: Dynamic Discs Convict

Editor’s Note: The Rapid Review gets straight to the point: Flight numbers and strengths and weaknesses will be highlighted, all in a tidy package.

As Dynamic Discs continues its ascension as a manufacturing powerhouse, it is adding discs to its lineup that are more nuanced and subtle in their differences from one another. Instead of releasing molds at the extremes, it’s starting to fill in the gaps.

And the Convict, an overstable driver with flight numbers of 9/4/-0.5/3, fits this trend.

Billed as “a great complement to the Felon with the same feel in the hand but…less stability,” the Convict cuts off a bit of the beef from its meathook lineup mate, leaving throwers with a more workable, yet still reliably overstable chip off the old block.

As a result, the Convict can be more useful for low-power players. Instead of being used only in a utility role, the Convict has just enough wiggle and glide to give a little more distance off the tee. It’s not going to be a noodle arm workhorse, but it’s not going to just curl up and die when it leaves your hand, either.

With a flat, comfortable shape, I’ve used the Convict mostly for shorter backhand upshots and forehand drives where I don’t have strong footing or much height to play with. Indeed, my best shots with this mold have been on lines where the canopy hangs so low that I can drop down low with a forehand release, Dan Quisenberry-style, and flick it hard for a shot that flies straight with a pronounced skip from about 150-200 feet out.

The Convict also handles tomahawks and thumbers relatively well, flipping over quickly and not running away upon landing.

And while I mentioned that the Convict yields more distance off the tee and the Felon, it’s still not something you’re going to be using for drives that are longer than 225 feet or so. But, if you’re the kind of player who has found a Felon, Firebird, or FD3 too overstable, the Convict should play naturally in your lineup.

That’s the nice thing about filling in the gaps: It takes more than just the almighty arms into consideration. And with the Convict, Dynamic offers overstable utility for mere mortals.

Connect with Dynamic Discs to learn more about the Convict, as well as the brand’s other offerings:

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Dynamic Discs Convict Facebook Giveaway

Now that I’ve reviewed the Convict, it’s time for fellow mortals to give it a shot. We’re giving away my review copy on Facebook, and here’s all you have to do:

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The contest will run until Thursday, October 22 at 9 p.m. PDT, when a random winner will be chosen. Thanks to Dynamic Discs for providing the plastic!

Steve Hill is a Southern California-based disc golfer who doesn’t throw very far. Follow him on Twitter @NoodleArmDG.


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