March Mold Mania Round 1: Time to vote!

The Madness has arrived, which means you have two options: Call your buddies, snag a case of Milwaukee’s Best and call in sick; or get the Boss Button ready on your internet browser.

Either way, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m excited for the coinciding March Mold Mania powered by Infinite Discs to begin.

Almost 300 brackets were entered at, with heavy action on the top seeds from each region to take the crown. There were some risk takers, though, with three participants choosing the No. 13-seed Dynamic Discs Trespass, one player picking the No. 14-seed Discmania FD, and a lone brave soul resting his hopes on the No. 16-seed Legacy Discs Outlaw.

Bold. I like it.

Even if you didn’t fill out a bracket, you can still help drive the competition by checking out the matchups in each region below and voting for your favorite disc. Be sure to hit the “vote” button on each specific poll to ensure your answers are recorded, and come back Saturday for Round 2!


Warp Speed Drivers

Sure, the Innova Discs Destroyer is the heavy favorite, but the Westside Discs fans came out in droves last year and pushed the World into the Final Four. Will we see a repeat this year, or will the tide Tern in another company’s favor?

Control/Fairway Drivers

With a lot of related manufacturers going up against one another, there are bound to be some upset fanboys after Round 1 in the Control/Fairway Driver bracket. With strong double-digit seeds like the Dynamic Discs Escape and the aforementioned FD, this region has Cinderella story written all over it.


The Roc vs. Buzzz debate was settled last year in dramatic fashion, with neither of the two stalwart mids making it to the Final Four. Can the Dynamic Discs Truth make a repeat run at the title, or will a darkhorse contender emerge?


Stacked with classics like the Innova Discs Aviar and the Gateway Wizard, the Putter region may boast the best matchups in the tournament. Some young guns and an early tilt featuring Latitude 64-on-Latitude 64 crime, though, have a chance to shake this bracket up in a big way.

Remember to hit “vote” on each poll, and come back Saturday for more March Mold Mania!

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