March Mold Mania Sweet Sixteen: Rocs get rocked

The field has been quartered, and now we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty of March Mold Mania.

And that means upsets. All the upsets.

Let’s take a look back at Round 2 before heading into voting for the Sweet Sixteen.


Upset Specials

There were definitely a couple “wow” upsets in Round 2, but none of them were bigger than both of Innova’s Rocs – the original Roc and the Roc3 – failing to make it out of the midrange bracket alive.

The original flavor bird was blasted by last year’s champ, the Dynamic Discs Truth, in a 68%-32% blowout. I had a feeling the Truth would prevail, but thought it would be closer.

No worries, though: The closest victory went to the Discraft Comet, a 10-seed that knocked off the 2-seed Roc3 by one vote. Literally. It was 455-454.

Thank goodness there wasn’t a tie. I don’t exactly have a procedure for that yet.

Perhaps the most shocking upset, though, was the 11-seed Discmania P2 making minced meat of the long-heralded Gateway Wizard. The P2 took the matchup with a comfortable 10% margin.


Biggest Blowouts

Another round, another blowout for the Teebird, which destroyed the Saint Pro in a 70%-30% battle.

The real destroying was done by the actual Destroyer, though, which made the Westside World – a Final Four contestant last year – look silly in a 73%-27% win.


Close Calls

See above. One vote, people!


Bracket Leaderboard

There’s a bit more of a spread in the standings now, but Kevin Carlson jumped into the lead with 60 points. His champion pick, the Truth, is still in the running, unlike third place contestant Cole Campbell. Sorry about the Roc, Cole.

Bringing up the rear is user Ant, with 31 points. Maybe next year.

View the entire leaderboard here.

Now, on with the Sweet Sixteen!


Warp Speed Drivers

Can the 13-seed Trespass keep the Cinderella story alive, or is it pumpkin time courtesy of the Destroyer?

Control/Fairway Drivers

Three Innova drivers come into the Sweet 16, and only two can survive. The Dynamic Discs Escape, however, wants to whittle that number down to one.


Buzzz/Truth is the highlight of the bracket, but the Discraft Comet continues to make some old school noise.


It’s a battle of sister companies in both Putter matchups, which means someone is going home unhappy.

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