March Mold Mania Final Four: Brand-on-brand crime

After two weeks of fast and furious Frisbee voting, we’re nearing the climax of Noodle Arm Disc Golf’s March Mold Mania powered by Infinite Discs. And with only four molds left standing, we are left with a smaller number of manufacturers: two.

With the Innova Discs Destroyer taking on the Teebird on the driver side and the Dynamic Discs Truth taking on the Judge in the mid/putter semis, there is no way of avoiding some brand-on-brand crime. It’s the sad reality for both of these companies that, regardless of their current standing, they each only have a 50/50 shot of being crowned the victor of the tournament.

Aside from the company stakeholders, I am aware that this is a tricky position for voters. For some of you, it’ll be like trying to choose between one of your children, which is not an enviable position to approach things from. But let’s be honest: As much as they won’t admit it, parents always have a favorite. Choose one and own it.

While other rounds have seen a necessary recap, there is no need for the Final Four; every matchup was a blowout. On the leaderboard front, Kevin Carlson still holds a comfortable lead, but if the Truth doesn’t make it past the Judge he might be in trouble. Stay tuned.

And remember, these remaining molds are the four that Infinite Discs will be providing for prize winners. Hope you like ’em, because you chose them!

Now, let’s send a couple discs to the Championships.

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