MVP Circuit

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the MVP Circuit this weekend! I’m looking forward to the event, and with that in mind I wanted to give everyone an idea of what to expect for the weekend. If you have any questions, or would like to donate any prizes for the raffle, please email me at

A friendly reminder: Colina Park is a smoke-, alcohol-, and pet-free environment. Please respect these boundaries so we can continue to have excellent events here and be good stewards of the local disc golf community.


1:30-2:00 – Player check-in. First come, first served on colors and weights for discs. Parking can be a bit tricky as well, so give yourself enough time to find a spot.

2:00 – Player meeting. We’ll cover course rules and event format, but I’ll also do that below.

2:15 – Upshot Game. A short game to get to know the new plastic you’ll be throwing. Exact format TBD.

2:45 – Shotgun start for round of 18. We’ll be playing with foursomes on 12 holes. Everything is pretty short and we’ll have plenty of daylight, so enjoy yourself.

5:30ish – Awards and raffle. See below for how to enter.

Circuit Format

This is a 3-disc-only event. You’ll receive a driver, mid, and putter, and those will be the only discs you’re allowed to use for the round. If you lose one, you’re down to two. Lose two, don’t lose the last one.

Lose all three? Beg another player to use one of theirs. I’m good with that so that everyone has a good time. There aren’t too many hazards for losing discs on this course, but water comes into play briefly.

Since this is an afternoon start, we’re only playing one round of 18.


I want to make this event about more than just disc golf, so there will be a raffle at the end for those who want to earn tickets by helping the community. Up for grabs will be an MVP Beaker (mid-sized) bag, as well as gift cards and other items.

There are two ways to earn raffle tickets:

  1. Bring in canned and boxed food to donate. I’ll have a box at the check-in table for a food drive, with any canned and boxed items being donated to the North County’s Food Bank. Each item you bring is good for one raffle ticket.
  2. Donate your used plastic! Since you won’t need much in your bag for this event, fill it up with any old plastic you have. Discs will be split between the Colina Pro Shop and Noodle Arm Disc Golf to use for future beginner and youth events.


If you donate discs, please be sure they are in usable condition and are of an appropriate stability for new or young players (save that TeeRex you couldn’t throw for someone who can). Also, if you don’t click with any of the discs from the event, you can toss them in the box at the end and earn yourself a ticket. Each disc you bring to donate gets you a raffle ticket.


Course Rules

  • Colina is a beautiful park. Please help keep it that way by throwing away your trash and picking up any that you see.
  • Please refrain from smoking of any kind (including vaping or non-tobacco products). Alcohol and pets are also prohibited. PLEASE adhere to these rules so we can be good community partners with Colina Park. I have no problems removing anyone from the course who does not comply.
  • Tee off from synthetic tee pads only.
  • Do not throw from the golf greens. Only walk on them to retrieve discs.
  • Greens, bunkers, and water are out-of-bounds. This is not a PDGA event, but PDGA rules governing out-of-bounds will be in play. Take your lie from where the disc started to travel out of bounds, not where it lands.
  • The two-meter rule IS NOT in effect.
  • Do not climb trees or enter the water to retrieve discs. Please contact the pro shop for tools to get discs out of trees or water.
  • Please rake bunkers and smooth any disc marks on greens.
  • Please keep your volume at a respectable level. There will be golfers on the course, as well.
  • Have fun! This is meant to be a low-key, recreational event. Save the drama for the big tournaments.

ASL Help

We’ll have a couple of hearing impaired players joining us for the event, so if anyone out there knows American Sign Language and can give me an assist on the day of , please send me a message.

Again, if there are any other questions or concerns, please contact me at See you Sunday!

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