Noodle Arm Disc Golf’s March Mold Mania: Round 2

After three days of voting – which included the most single-day page views in Noodle Arm Disc Golf history (thank you!) and a few big upsets – March Mold Mania is down to 32 discs looking for a Sweet 16 berth this weekend.

While many big players dominated their way to Round 2, there were some major names who survived close calls and a couple Cinderella stories that emerged.

Thank you to everyone who read, shared, voted, and commented on this first set of matchups. Whether your favorite disc was excluded, or you didn’t agree with the seeding, or you just enjoyed yourself, I loved seeing all of the interaction.

With that in mind, check out the Round 1 recap, then vote on each bracket for Round 2 below. Can Innova hold off the Trilogy brands in the Warp Speed Bracket? Can Discmania send two molds to the Sweet 16 from the Control/Fairway Driver region? Is the Roc entrenched enough to hold off the Ghost? Will the Putter Bracket come down to Wizard versus Aviar?

You decide.

And remember: Press the “VOTE” button on every matchup to make sure your vote counts.

Let the mania continue!

Round 1 Recap

Biggest Blowouts

  • 1) Discraft Buzzz (92.6%) over 16) DGA Squall (7.4%)
  • 1) Innova Teebird (92.31%) over 16) Legacy Mongoose (7.69%)
  • 1) Innova Destroyer (90.03%) over Vibram Unlace (9.97%)

Close Calls

  • 2) Discmania PD (51.68%) over Latitude 64 XXX (48.32%) – The PD escaped the jaws of defeat by a mere 38 votes.
  • 5) Westside Giant (51.03%) over Innova Boss (48.97%) – The Innova stalwart needed 26 more votes to overcome the Trilogy favroite.

Shocker Specials

14) Westside World (61.69%) over 3) Legacy Cannon (38.31%) – Finnish bomber went UAB on the Southern California warp speeder.

11) Innova Tern (76.77%) over 6) Vibram Unlace (23.23%) – The No. 1 manufacturer was a force to be reckoned with in Round 1.

11) Innova Valkyrie (66.28%) over 6) MVP Disc Sports Volt (33.72%) – In a battle of speed 9 workhorses, the old school prevailed over the new.

12) Latitude 64 Fuse (52.39%) over Discraft Comet (47.61%) – While both discs serve similar purposes, Europlastic reigned supreme.

12) MVP Disc Sports Ion (54.09%) over Gateway Voodoo (45.91%) – MVP’s first overmold overcame the bread-and-butter putter brand.

Round 2

Warp Speed Driver Bracket

Warp Speed Round 2

Round 2

Control/Fairway Driver Bracket

control fw round 2

Round 2

Midrange Bracket

mid bracket round 2

Round 2

Putter Bracket

putter bracket round 2

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